About Us

Lighit Speed Company

Light Speed Contracting & Oil Services Company was established in 2005 with proven experience in the field of oil and gas and also in the provision of multiple services in international organizations. Light Speed Company started its activities in the fields and the market a little but now has developed operations and has been successful in all activities in providing excellent services and worthy of mention.

Light Speed Company supports our services through excellent leadership and management through a highly efficient staff and extensive experience in managing and operating its operations in an excellent manner in providing various services with high quality, reasonable prices, competition and achievement in a short period of time.

We believe that the high quality and competitive prices and the appropriate and independent services provided to deliver the productivity and quality of the environment around us. We try to provide excellent services to satisfy the competitive needs of our customers. Our clients are a proof of our achievements.

Through our experience in the oil and gas fields, Light Speed Company has an efficient bridge in the following areas: Our specialized operating system is designed to give the customers integrated needs due to the required achievement and to suit the customers' budgets.Speed light Company aims to that their company provides services of high quality to suit the requirements of the customer and the purity of the ground for Light Speed Company offers.

Light Speed Contracting & Oil Services Company is not interest in being big or small but is interests in good reputation in providing high quality services and suitable prices in a short period of time to satisfy its customers.

Light Speed Company believes that respect for people and human rights is fundamental to our responsible approach. Compliance with rules and regulatory requirements is a must.

We can help Yemen and contribute to the growth of the economy. We would like to open new horizons for oil and gas employment opportunities and contribute to make these companies expand their activities in the Republic of Yemen. Our management also offers dedicated efforts to provide outstanding service that helps to put oil companies in the franchise in their work and this is through our knowledge and expertise and qualified cadres.